Music Review: “Departure Songs” by We Lost the Sea

Five years ago my friend Bill Gordon introduced me to the musical genre of post-rock. For those of you not in the know, my capsule summary usually goes something like this — “Oh, it’s kinda orchestral but with traditional rock instruments.… Continue Reading

Top Ten People Ranked – a list

I was handed a random challenge by this dude I know (goes by the name of Marc). He said   Rank the following authors/characters/historical figures based on any criteria you choose. Justify your choices.  Madame Curie Jerry Falwell Isaac Asimov… Continue Reading

Shitty American Tour Guide Reviews Shitty American City: Las Vegas Edition

Look, I suppose you might live in Las Vegas and you might know some cool things about it and there might be all kinds of wonderful aspects to living here. Cool. Fine. But for the purpose of this—a semi-coherent, not… Continue Reading

Six Die Antwoord videos Dissected

With the recent box office success of the Neil Blomkamp film, Chappie, we’ve decided to do a fuller investigation into the movie’s driving engine–namely its stars, South African rap rave group Die Antwoord. We’ve assembled an all-star cast of music video… Continue Reading

Shitty Book Critic Reviews Shitty Book: Bright Lights, Big City edition

Confession Time – Though my real job (as opposed to this, the head of an online magazine that infrequently and irregularly posts semi-incoherent content) is in the publishing industry where it is assumed I’ve read all books ever published, I… Continue Reading