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If you’ve been listening to our podcast for the last few months, you know that I’ve namedropped RVIVR about a hundred times. And there’s a good reason for that—simply speaking they’re an amazingly energetic and defiant band that somehow manages to create a sense of hope even in these tumultuous times. Everything that is great and contagious in pop punk is present, in huge doses, across the entire RVIVR catalog.

If you’ve been listening to me talk about things that fascinate me, you’d know that dreams, especially lucid dreams, are endlessly intriguing. Around the time of my 40th birthday and through various means like sensory deprivation tanks and Reiki healing sessions I went waaaaay down the rabbit hole trying to understand the complexities of time and space and our purpose in the Infinite.

At one point along the journey back in 2014 I did a long float at the Float Shoppe in Portland where I got into a pretty vivid dream state and I found myself in a forest at night. I was aware of the moon and the stars and a lot of trees. I was also aware that there was somebody else in the shadows. I got a little nervous, but before I could freak out, the other person communicated to me – I don’t remember if it was out loud, but I know the information came through clear as day – that the stars represented everybody/thing that ever lived or would ever live and that there was an owl in the trees who could go get anybody I wanted to talk to, I just had to tell the owl the name.

When I asked the other somebody who they were, the response was, “I’m you. Just a different version.”

Anyway, I tested the owl by asking for my friend Pete who had killed himself a year or so earlier. And sure enough, I had a conversation with Pete. It wasn’t me talking to Pete. It wasn’t Pete talking to me. There were no monologues. It was a straight up, back and forth conversation. Since then I’ve ended up dreaming about places and people I’ve never seen in my regular life, floated through space, and time traveled.

So I don’t really have to spell out why a project with Erica Freas from RVIVR, focused on dreams, is compelling AF to me. On top of that–what’s on the cover of the Somnia album? An owl and the moon. And that’s how we’re here, with me talking about Somnia’s album How the Moon Shines on the Shit.

Somnia is a collaborative project between Freas and Spoonboy (David Combs) that delivers the same frenetic joy of RVIVR with lyrics focused on dream states, additional dimensions, and the trying to translate unknown languages to make sense of the world around us. This is fun, thought provoking, and immensely satisfying. I hope you’ll check it out.


And in my dreams at night
I’m hoping I might find
Another language to explore
The Double Life of Ernest C. Croswell”


Standout tracks: Another Night; The Double Life of Ernest C. Croswell; (The Double Life of) Ed Claiborne



Catchier than grade school chicken pox, Somnia’s album How the Moon Shines on the Shit is everything good about pop punk with lyrics focusing on sleeping and dreaming and what worlds might co-exist with our own if only we could explore them.

Here’s the video for The Double Life of Ernest C. Croswell, the opening track to the album.

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