American Trash #9 – Live from Las Vegas, the AmphetaFest recap

AmphetaFest 2017 was a hugely anticipated event that not only lived up to expectations, but far exceeded them. The whole crew–Magnum TH, Chill Gordon Solie, and LeRoy Rochester hopped on planes to see Propagandhi, RVIVR, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop tear up the Hard Rock Hotel in the most unlikely of all destinations, Las Vegas. And then we explored other corners of the city including Top Golf, Vesta Coffee, and everywhere else. You want opinions you didn’t ask for? We’ve got opinions you didn’t ask for.

Also, we’re upgrading our equipment, so you, dear listener, can expect a better sound experience in your ear holes. And as a one time thing, we also recorded this thing live on video. Want to see what we look like recording a podcast? No? Okay, well, we uploaded it anyway.

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